Missions In Thailand


สวัสดี  “Hello in the Thai language!”
Pronunciation swat-e-ka
Ry & I have been here at SHE ministry two weeks now. We want to fill you in on how we are being used here & about the ministry.
The founders of SHE left just a few days after our arrival. They are in there home country for a month to support rase for future building projects as the ministry is growing! So Ry & I jumped right in to fill in areas of need. This really showed me just how perfect Gods timing is to our arrival!
Ry is overseeing the maintenance & landscaping of the ministry base. Leading teams that come in to volunteer on what needs to be done around the property. I know this is a blessing to SHE because Ry is one of very few men volunteers that is capable & with experience. Ry is also building & fixing many things that go wrong with what little tools he has to work with. This is a challenge but in the future will make him even more creative than what he is!
Ry Building a desk for the office.
I (Tiff) am helping with the interns. Most days teaching English. As well as helping out & working along side the Thai woman in the sewing room. This is to show them that we are at the same level & opens doors to build relationships. We also teach the sewing room ladies English. We are praying this opens many door to share Jesus!
Teaching English to the Thai sewing staff.
SHE stands for Self Help & Empowerment.
It is a Christian non profit organization that has a heart to empower Thai woman. There is a ministry base set up to build relationship with woman working on Bangla Rd. & give them an opportunity to learn life skills like sewing along with English to give them a opportunity to have a future in another profession other than working in the Red Light District.
This ministry has been here in Thailand for 8 years. There are teams that go into Red Light District. Called “Bangla Rd.” in Patong on the island of Puket.
They build relationships with people that work there & this opens the door for us to offer them English class.
Once they come to English class we continue to build a relationship with them teaching them English. & offering to take them out to eat or for coffee after English class to pour into them.
Once a relationship is built we offer them a “way out.” Although that door is always open to offer them a way out most of the time it takes trust for them to accept what you are saying.
At SHE there is a sewing room filled with Thai woman whom we also teach English too. They work for a salary & it’s a safe environment of encouragement. SHE’s goal isn’t to have people working for them long term but for this to be a opportunity for Thai woman to become educated for a future better job & most of all share the Love of Christ to them!!!

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