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Perseverance for the Kingdom.


Cutting the yard “Jungle” primitive style.

It’s has been over 2 months in Thailand. Much work has been accomplished but results are not immediate. This has been something Tiff and I have been facing a lot recently and it has changed the way we see ministry. It’s so easy to want to see the immediate outcome of your work or the fruit of what you sow. Unfortunately it doesn’t always turn out that way. Some of us may never see the results of the seeds that have been planted. But God has shown me to not get discouraged because in ministry it’s not always about what your immediately doing rather than what your setting up for God to work through.

We have built many good relationships with the Thai people and have had some great experiences so far. But in long term missions so much is required to keep a ministry going. For instance, I spend hours and hours everyday working to maintain the property of SHE ministry. At first I thought to myself “whom am I affecting when I spend little to no time interacting with people.” In 2 Timothy chapter 2 the bible talks about serving faithfully despite hardship. I found a lot of strength when reading this and realized that the work that is done here is long term. By helping SHE grow we are establishing a future for this organization so that other missionaries and teams will be able to come in here and pour into the community.

We as Christians need to stay faithful and serve even during hard times. Even if we feel are efforts are not being shown because its not about us, it’s about them. Opening doors to share grace and God’s love.

2 Timothy 2:10
So I endure all things for the sake of those chosen by God, that they too may obtain salvation in Christ Jesus and its eternal glory.


Missions In Thailand


สวัสดี  “Hello in the Thai language!”
Pronunciation swat-e-ka
Ry & I have been here at SHE ministry two weeks now. We want to fill you in on how we are being used here & about the ministry.
The founders of SHE left just a few days after our arrival. They are in there home country for a month to support rase for future building projects as the ministry is growing! So Ry & I jumped right in to fill in areas of need. This really showed me just how perfect Gods timing is to our arrival!
Ry is overseeing the maintenance & landscaping of the ministry base. Leading teams that come in to volunteer on what needs to be done around the property. I know this is a blessing to SHE because Ry is one of very few men volunteers that is capable & with experience. Ry is also building & fixing many things that go wrong with what little tools he has to work with. This is a challenge but in the future will make him even more creative than what he is!
Ry Building a desk for the office.
I (Tiff) am helping with the interns. Most days teaching English. As well as helping out & working along side the Thai woman in the sewing room. This is to show them that we are at the same level & opens doors to build relationships. We also teach the sewing room ladies English. We are praying this opens many door to share Jesus!
Teaching English to the Thai sewing staff.
SHE stands for Self Help & Empowerment.
It is a Christian non profit organization that has a heart to empower Thai woman. There is a ministry base set up to build relationship with woman working on Bangla Rd. & give them an opportunity to learn life skills like sewing along with English to give them a opportunity to have a future in another profession other than working in the Red Light District.
This ministry has been here in Thailand for 8 years. There are teams that go into Red Light District. Called “Bangla Rd.” in Patong on the island of Puket.
They build relationships with people that work there & this opens the door for us to offer them English class.
Once they come to English class we continue to build a relationship with them teaching them English. & offering to take them out to eat or for coffee after English class to pour into them.
Once a relationship is built we offer them a “way out.” Although that door is always open to offer them a way out most of the time it takes trust for them to accept what you are saying.
At SHE there is a sewing room filled with Thai woman whom we also teach English too. They work for a salary & it’s a safe environment of encouragement. SHE’s goal isn’t to have people working for them long term but for this to be a opportunity for Thai woman to become educated for a future better job & most of all share the Love of Christ to them!!!

Filling you in on the last 3 months… The vission for missions & Thailand!

Filling you in on the last 3 months & how it all began!
~~~Kingdom Minded~~~
~The Calling & Confirmation~
I always had a heart to be a full time missionary. I was praying & asked God to reveal this calling & passion to my husband if it is what he is calling us to do. Shortly after I got a call from Ry saying… on his break at work he was praying & The Lord flooded him with visions of leaving Hawaii & doing missions. Without even having to tell Ry this is what I felt Gods calling us to do, The Lord brought confirmation!
~Taking the FIRST STEP!~
God had given us this vision for missions but we didn’t know the details… WALK IN FAITH not by sight… Ry & I both prayed apart & came back together to confirm what The Lord had told us. He said March & we both felt to start our commitment at one year but be open for as long as he leads us to stay. We also felt a heart for Thailand & Indonesia. It’s amazing how much you can love ur church your home your friends & even your job… & even those perfect Hawaiian waves!!!… But when God puts something on your heart, your passion to fallow his will overcomes all that is great for something you know will be even greater.
The Lord put on my heart… Don’t cling so tightly to your blessings… Surrender them… How can you move forward into what God has for you if you think this is as good as it gets… “These are all Gods blessings I give them up for him bc I’m confident He has even more in store.” Surrender one blessing to receive the next! They keep getting more breath taking!!!
Take one faith step at a time in missions ill lead the way… What Powerful words!!!
Ry & I enjoying the many blessings of God’s creation in Hawaii.
big hawaii
Leaving Hawaii and after our visit with family.
~The Camino De Compostela~
What we needed most… But least expected, THE CAMINO!
Wow what a journey/pilgrimage! Months ago we watched a movie called “The Way” we thought o that’s sick! But it never crossed our minds again. Until we stayed at a friends moms house for a night while having a layover from the USA to Europe. She inspired us by her experience with The Lord while doing the 500 mile walk across Spain. Before setting out for missions Ry & I thought we really needed it for alone time to renew our minds, spiritual prepare & let God revile & prepare our hearts for Thailand. Although that’s what happened little did we know along with that came metal & spiritual BREAKDOWN… As well as BREAKTHROUGH & FREEDOM from bondage from past relationships. O how I would need hours & hours or writing to explain the breakthrough that took place on this 37 day journey of walking 8 hours a day. The Lord had shined light on dark places the enemy was holding as strong holds. Without even being able to recognize it before. This had to take place for so many reasons… To see how now we are going to be able to be used to our FULL potential in ministering & in our relationship.
A few picture along the Camino.
Ry & I using rocks to symbolise our strongholds & laying it at the foot of the cross!
rocks camino
  ~God Providing~
We also were very unprepared for the walk thinking spring weather! In this brought us to a place to trust God will provide. We had only clothing for 2 days for spring warm weather… Hello this isn’t Hawaii… Europe= very unpredictable weather, rain & winter like days… Sometimes snow! Just at my breaking point of freezing to death I found a lost n found! O the ways God provides! Found a coat, sleeping bag, warm tights, hat & one glove… Yes one glove! It seemed right when we needed something even shampoo it was right there. It was amazing to see us being able to use the clothes then as we saw a need being able to then give back! In this way we need to trust God for our finances. He helps us make our money stretch!
Harsh cold weather conditions along the Way… Yes that is snow!
cold camino
We got the privilege many times to pray with others & to get prayed for along the Camino!
getting prayed for
getting prayed for 2
Refuge = no heat! 200 hundred smelly snoring people… Communal living. This will break you down & make any girl as tough or tougher than any man! They also don’t clean the sheets & your praising God if u get a hot shower with water pressure! Thankful now for every little thing!!! & believe I needed this breakdown to prepare & adapt me for mission living!
The Camino brought us into perspective of a real pilgrimage. Of what it may of looked & felt like to be a disciple on the road. & brought to life what villages & churches were like back in time.
finish camino
~Vision for Thailand~
We will be in Phuket Thailand next working with SHE ministry (Self Help & Empowerment)
helping empower the girls that were sold into sex trafficking . There we will be walking along side broken physically & emotionally Thai & Burmese girls. We have a heart to build relationship & share the Love of Jesus. I want to share the breakthrough God has done in my life & teach them to have a personal relationship with Jesus & show them how to find there identity in Christ! We are committing 3 or 4 months but we will leave our departure dates up to The Lord… I will keep updates on the blog. I pray you all get a heart for how God is moving in our lives and those in Thailand.
If you have a heart to support us in our outreach to Thailand please contact us by e-mail for details.